Prosecco Bike Budapest

What is prosecco bike?

Have you ever tried one of Budapest’s most craziest activity, the Beer Bike? If you have, you will definitely love our Prosecco Bike - if not, listen closely! Prosecco Bike, just like the original Beer Bike is a great way to riding around the island with your friends while drinking ice cold prosecco.

What you get on the bike

All our Prosecco Bike tours come with a sober driver who will keep you safe in the island, a sound system for you to blast your favourite music from and 10 bottles of sweet prosecco. Don’t worry, you can always ask for more if you feel like drinking more! Ask for a sexy barman or barmaid to pour the drinks for you! 


Our Prosecco packages & extras

All our packages include the necessary elements for you to enjoy the ride through the island! Book our Prosecco Bike, and you will recieve the following:

  • 1,5 hour Prosecco Bike tour
  • 7 bottles (7.5 liters) of Prosecco

Would you like to put a twist on your Prosecco Bike tour? Ask for a sexy barmaid to pour the drinks for you! Additionally, we have a list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you can choose from, including beer, wine, mineral water and soft drinks. See the price list at the bottom of the page!

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Our guests said:

Áron Tompai

Áron Tompai a month ago

Greatest experience in Budapest, expecially with my amazing guide Kaplonyi Krisztian!!!

Ákos Demeter

Ákos Demeter a month ago

Never had soo much fun before! I love you Budapest!!! :D

Levente Rápolti

Levente Rápolti a month ago

Such a great experience, love it!

Nicolas Ketterer

Nicolas Ketterer 11 months ago

We booked a tour last Saturday in the afternoon for a stag party with 14 guys. Since we were already partying the night before this was the perfect start into another party adventure in Budapest. When our bachelor mentioned in the morning that he was not going to drink beer again that day (not knowing that we had booked the beer bike tour) I was a bit worried in the beginning. Still, the tour was a complete success. We had a blast listening to our own music, having a fun driver and a really nice and beautiful young lady serving us lots and lots of beer so that everyone started drinking. Those two hours were the start to another fun and drunk night out. We can definitely recommend Pedalbar. And don’t forget to book the hostess, it’s definitely worth the money... PS: To get back to some other reviews: we had specific stops at some public restrooms. Also we turned down the music when we passed a location with a wedding ceremony going on. If people behave rude that’s misbehaving of the guests but it’s not necessarily Pedalbar‘s mistake...